About Binney

What makes a good studio? And what makes a great studio?

That was the biggest question on my mind when I started developing the idea for binneystudios. And it’s been the guiding principle ever since. Because what’s the point of making anything if you’re not aiming to make it great?

So, let’s take look at the difference between good and great. Good is most often defined as good enough. Which is a really strange concept.

A lot of things have thresholds. You can get over a threshold for money. Or you can get over a threshold in regards to fitness. But is there a threshold for good?

I would dare to say that you can never have enough good. That just means there is still bad but that doesn’t matter because there is some ratio of good to offset it.

So if everyone in the world is safe and happy but one child is suffering we can just sit back and say; it’s good enough?

How about 51% of the people are safe and happy but the other 49% are suffering terribly? Is that good enough?

I don’t think so!!!!

And I dare to say that anyone who does, doesn’t have their head straight. Ok, got a little of topic here. This stuff just gets me fired up.

Take care guys!